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Mission and global strategy of Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology (SHATO)

The global mission of SHATO is “Adding more years to life and health to the years“ by providing the Bulgarian citizens a market oriented, economically approved, socially integrated, accessible, adequate, in timely manner, complex and at high quality medical service in the field of Oncology.
The mission of our Health institution is related to the strategic idea of its establishment, as well as the experience we’ve gained and the public image we’ve build trough the years. It is a combination of continuous traditions ingrained in the development of the Bulgarian health syste, as well as the contemporary global tendencies in Medicine and public healthcare.
The mission of SHATO is coordinated with the basic principles of anticancer strategies:
•    Open to every Bulgarian citizen;
•    Constant follow-up of new trends in Oncology in their implementation into practice, e.g.  evidence based medicine”;
•    Institutional cooperation – according to the WHO anticancer fight is an important social problem, which should not be solved by the professionals alone, but by the society as a whole.
To this mission we should add and the concept for optimal enlargement the list is health services, modernizing the premises for diagnostics and treatment, care for patients’ security and satisfaction by answering their needs, highly motivated and qualified personnel, strenghten the positions of SHATO as the leading Oncology hospital in Bulgaria, as well as a center for Education with European standards and modern management.

The global strategy of SHATO stems by its mission: to maximally satisfy the public needs of complex high standard oncology healthcare, according to the official oncology doctrine the officially accepted medical standards and the “Good medical practice”. The mission and the global strategy of our Hospital are according the “Convention for the human rights and dignity in relation to the implementation of current advances in Biology and Medicine”, the Paris “Petition for the oncology patients’ rights”, the National health strategy plan and the current national law, as well as the recommendations of the European parliament and the Directives of the European Commission and the Agreement with Patient Associations.