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 You are at the official website of National Oncology Hospital, Sofia - a leading hospital in Bulgaria for prophylacsis, diagnostics and complex tretment of oncology patients.

As the natural successor of the National Oncology Centre in Bulgaria, the activities of SHATO include:

  • Highly specialized diagnostic, treatment and consultancy activities to oncology patient from all over the country;
  • Implementation of strategies for a complex healthcare policy against cancer;
  • Leadership and coordination of the nationwide treatment strategies by publishing standards and manuals in Oncology in collaboration with broad board of specialists from other institutions and organizations;
  • Based on the database of the National Cancer Registry - Bulgaria we organize, coordinate and publish yearly the results of national healthcare policy implementation
  • Center for postgraduate education in Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy and various CME courses for upgrading the qualification of specialists from various oncology subspecialties;
  • Expertise: work capabilities and assessment commission of oncology patients
  • Education, Research and Development of partnership in national and international oncology trails/projects;
  • Implementation of National policy and that of European Commission in Oncology; cooperation with international centers and organizations working in the field of Oncology.

SHATO is a leading hospital and treatment center in Bulgaria for prophylaxis, diagnostics and complex treatment of oncology patients;

  • Is a scientific center for research and development in the field of experimental oncology
  • Center for undergraduate training of students in Medicine and other fields
  • Postgraduate specialty education and CME courses for various medical and nonmedical professionals dealing with oncology patients
  • As the natural successor of the National Oncology Centre, our hospital has the leadership in organizing and coordinating the rest of Oncology centers in Bulgaria by providing them with strategy, methodology and expertise, and controlling their effectiveness in oncology patient management.

Professional capacity

As of 01July 2009 SHATO personnel was 547 professionals and 111 positions were free. In details, physicians – 117, of which:

  • having only one specialty - 106 (90,6 %)
  • having 2 specialties   -  57 (48,7 %)
  • having 3 specialties   -  11  (9,4 %)
  • MD only, no addintinal specialty - 11 (9,4 %), all of which are currently in specialty training.


Адрес гр.София  Карта
ул. "Пловдивско поле" №6
Тел.:+359 2 8076-299
(от 7:30 до 15:00часа)
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