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Bulgarian National Cancer Registry

Bulgarian National Cancer Registry was established in 1952. Its purpose is collecting, processing and analyzing data on cancer incidence and death rate in Bulgaria. There are 13 regional cancer Registries, which are part of the National Oncological Center Network. These send their data to the Central National Cancer Registry, where for analysis. Each year BNCR publishes its Yearbook “Cancer incidence in Bulgaria” containing the most recent and the previous data on cancer incidence, mortality and prevalence.

List of specialists at the Bulgarian NCR


  • Maintenance of the national database for cancer patients according to international standards and guidelines for cancer registration;
  • Statistical and epidemiological analyses of cancer incidence, prevalence, mortality and survival;
  • Publishing annual edition “Cancer Incidence in Bulgaria”

In order to ensure comparability of registry data among different populations and periods of time, BNCR applies the following International classifications and standards:

BNCR is a member of the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) and of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) since 2000.

BNCR participates in the following projects:

 Cancer registry data, provided by BNCR was published on the following web-sites:

Download the Latest Yearbooks:

CANCER INCIDENCE IN BULGARIA - Data for 2011 [published 2013] (*.pdf)

Previous Yearbooks