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Our share on the medical market services

In SHATO we perform an enormous in its volume amount of multifunctional and high quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical activities. SHATO has been leader for many years among the Bulgarian hospitals.

Currently SHATO complies with 9 national medical standards:

  • Microbiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Imaging Diagnostics
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

All of these standards mirror the mission of our hospital. Soon we will start working under additional medical standards.
In 2013 SHATO signed a contract with the National Health Fund to work according to 72 financed packets for in-hospital treatment and  7 types of highly specialized medical activities. SHATO works under the maximum number of Medical standards, which are coordinated with the specificity of its activities. Our quality results demonstrate the high professionalism of the personnel. The contracts with the National Health Fund has constantly been enlarged in the years.  

  • 2005 - contract for 45 out of 120 clinical packets.
  • 2006  – contract for 49 out of 229 clinical packets.
  • 2007  – contract for 66 out of 298 clinical packets.
  • 2008  – contract for 68 out of 298 clinical packets.
  • 2009  - contract for 72 out of 298 clinical packets.
  • 2010  - contract for 75.  out of 298 clinical packets;
  • 2011 г.-  contract for 71 out of 292 clinical packets;
  • 2012г. -  contract for 77  out of  292 clinical packets
  • 2013г. – contract for 83 out of 300 clinical packets

 The list of contracts in 2013 of highly specialized medical services with guarantied funding by the National Health Fund is as follows:

  • 92_01 Thyroid gland Scintigraphy
  • 92_05 Scintigraphy using 99 м Тс MIBI
  • 92_03 Kidney Scintigraphy using 99 м Тс – ДМСА, ДТРА, МАГЗ
  • 92_15 Lung Scintigraphy
  • 92_14 Bone Scintigraphy

Othe Health Insurance Funds (HIF) we work with for outpatients health service:

  1. HIF „Dall Bogg: Zhivot & Zdrave Ltd.
  2. HF Doveria AD
  3. HIF Nadezhda AD
  4. Soon we will contract and HIF “Fi Health”

All patients using these funds should call in advance to our number 02/8076-205 (Mrs. Deniza Ivanova).

During the last three years most of the in-hospital patients suffered benign or malignant tumors, as well as precancerous conditions (86%). The percent of patients with such conditions who were consulted at the Ambulatory was 95%.

In the years were performed several building reformations according to the hospital needs and after careful evaluation of performance parameters. There is a periodic activity audit of all the Department, so that they could function at their maximum efficacy level.
The total number of beds in the Bulgarian hospitals in 2008 was 45 353. Compared to the other hospitals for “Active treatment”, SHATO alone possessed about 6.7% and 13% of beds in the hospitals for “Specialized treatment”. The number of  patients who were treated in SHATO increases every year and in 2008 their number was 14 822. This demonstrates that the usage of beds in SHATO is high, the mean in-hospital stay per patient is 5-6 days, which is a high turnover. The mean number of beds in use per year is constant – 242 and represents 6.7% of the beds number in the “Specialized hospitals for active treatment” and 13% of the “Specialized oncology hospitals” in Bulgaria.
In comparison to the Regional Oncology Hospitals in Bulgaria, SHATO has better performance data. It is economically rectified the quality parameters to be estimated in the spectrum of each Department at hospital - not only by the hospital as a whole. The number of in-hospital patients, when divided by diagnosis demonstrate that they absolutely comply with the mission and the scope of our activity.

For example, the data for surgical activities at SHATO are extremely demonstrating. Most of these operations were of complex and extremely complex level. The share of SHATO at the medical market activities in Bulgaria is: Surgery (about 9% new cases diagnosed in 2007 and followed up to 2008), Radiotherapy (14.8%) and Chemotherapy (7.5%).
The consultancy-diagnostic activities is also high with its 42 053 patients examined in 2008 alone. The activities of different Departments in the hospital are various in type and high in number.

As a conclusion we could say that the tradition of the National Oncology Center as a leader in the Bulgarian oncology hospital system was successfully maintained by its successor SHATO.