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Unique medical methods and services which SHATO offers

  • Tumor diagnostics and specific tumor radiopharmaceuticals (131J – MIBG, 111J - Octreocan) and non-tumor radiopharmaceuticals (99mTc – MIBI, 99mTc- tetrafosmin) for diagnostics, staging and follow-up of various malignant tumors; Myocardial perfusion scintigrapgy for diagnosis of IHD, myocardial vitality, cardiotoxicity after radiotherapy and chemotherapy (Clinic of Nuclear Medicine);
  • Intraoperative identification of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer and melanoma malignum using radionuclide;
  • Electro-chemotherapy as a new alternative method for treatment of malignant tumors using electropulsator (Dermatology Clinic)
  • Sphincter-preserving ultra-low resections of the rectum, retroperitoneal dissections, preserving the sympathetic and parasympathetic functions.
  • Rectal resection, preserving the autonomic pelvic innervations as prophylaxis of the sexual postoperative malfunction;
  • Central arterial and venous cannulation for chemotherapy;
  • New operative techniques for small bowel protection in postoperative patients during radiotherapy (Surgery Department);
  • Medico-genetic consultation in patients with family history of breast cancer (Thoracic Clinic);
  • Intra-arterial and intrahepatic chemotherapy as a specific infusion procedure;
  • Use of various schemes for hormonal therapy in patients with colorectal cancer;
  • A program for DNA vaccine during chemotherapy in patients with solid tumors and a complex program for treatment of patients with liver metastases of colon cancer, different contemporary schemes of treatment – combination of VGF and EGF receptor blockers;
  • In the Radiotherapy Clinic the treatment plan is being calculated individually for every patient using a computer planning system, and a local computer network for archiving the data and easy follow-up and comparison the effectiveness of treatment;
  • There are 8 teams for radiotherapy of CNS tumors, Head and Neck, Lung cancer, Breast cancer of female genitals, urinary system and male genitals, gastrointestinal tract, scin tumors, thyroid tumors, malignant lymphomas and sarcomas.
  • The Department for dosimetry and radioprotection was granted a gold medal with international certificate for calibration of high-energy photons and electron beams.
  • A successful international quality audit of the activity have passed the following Clinics: Clinical Laboratory (1995), National Cancer Registry (1999), Radiotherapy Clinic (2007).
  •  The Nuclear Medicine Clinic has license from the International Nuclear Agency.
  • At present SHATO had 47 clinical trials running in 2007-2008 and 18 in 2009.
  • We offer additional services to improve the comfort of our patients and their attending relatives – telephone lines, drinks and cash dispensers, optional cable TV.