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SHATO was established with Act № РД 18-71/31.08.2000 by the Minister of Heath by transforming the National Oncology Center into a market subject.
The Hospital was registered in 2000 as a share market structure with only one holder: the owner of hospital is the Ministry of Health owing it by 100%, and the Minister of heath as it Principal.

The Hospital was granted the status of a National Hospital in 2000 by the Act № 267 of the Ministry of State. By the Act №114/27 Feb 2008 it was licensed as University Hospital.
The Hospital governance is performed by the «Board of Directors” according to the Act № РД 16-16/ 25.01.2010 by the Minister of Health.

SHATO has one-step system for governance, build by:

  1. The board of the shareholders – the only owner of the capital is the Ministry of Health.
  2. The board of Directors, 3 in total, who elect a chairman, a secretary and the executive director.

They act according to the Market low, the Law for health centers and their acts.
The organization, the control and the implementation of Hospital goals and targets in operational, mid- and long-term plan is performed by the following key members of the Board:

  • The Principal (The Board of the Shareholders) – can changes and add the Устава of the Hospital, to increase or decrease it capital, to transform or close it, to define the number of the Board members, to elect them of dismiss them, to appoint or dismiss the licensed expert accountant, to approve its yearly financial audit, to appoint liquidators - apart in case of bankrupt, to grant the responsibilities to the Board members, to decide on opening, closure or transformation of its branches, and large parts of the Hospital, to approve a plan for management of the hospital for the period of license and separately for each year.
  • The Board of Directors – governs and represents the Hospital; elaborates and presents to the Principal a three-yearly program; sets the internal organizational and managerial structure. The Boards accounts for the Hospital activities.
  • Executive Director – governs and represents the hospital, organizes and controls the implementation of the approved program of the hospital, signs contracts, annual and sick leaves, analyzes and plans the hospital finances, organizes the yearly financial account, accounts his/her activities in front of the Board of Directors, notifies the Principal in one week time for important events at the Hospital, presents the Principal with the full range of financial documentation when requested etc.