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Medical equipment and investments

The Hospital has modern and high-quality medical equipment as well as funds that can be invested. This is especially important for the quick and precise initial diagnosing, search of recurrence and metastases, as well as follow up of oncology patients. It is extremely important the quality of the environment in the hospital, in which the patients are being taken care of and the comfort for the medical personnel. Investing in long-term activities and acquisitions (machines, devices and building constructions) is one of the most important indices for a market subject. The amount of investment into long-term acquisitions is outlined in the following table:


(in thousands leva)






5 312

2 454

2 554



5 380

3 528

1 548



5 415

3 387

1 691



7 987

3 231

4 380


Table 4. Invested funds for medical equipment and devices, SHATO 2005-2008

These data demonstrate that the yearly balance of invested funds was approximately leveled off for the period 2005 – 2007. The only exception was in 2008 when The Principal invested additional funds in integration of the Hospital Information system.

Unique medical equipment at SHATO:

  • Multislice computer tomograph and a Mobile x-ray unit for screening of barest cancer (Imaging Department);
  • Entirely automated device for microbial identification and definition of antibiotic sensitivity VITEK 32; a device for express diagnostics of blood microorganisms “Vastek 9050” (Microbiological Lab);
  • The only linear accelerator using multi-leaf collimator, brachytherapy equipment using automatic post-loading and energy dose “Microsellectron”,
  • Tele-gamma-therapeutic equipment using a verifying system and electronic control, an integrated conventional radio-therapeutic system, x-ray simulator and a computer planning system (Department of Radiotherapy);
  • A device for immune-histochemical diagnostics “Ventana” (Tumor Pathology Department) etc.  
  • For the period 01 Jan 2009 – 30 Sept 2009 SHATO has invested in long-term acquisitions at about leva as follows:
  • Investments by the Ministry of Health – 2 729 000.00 lv.;  
  • inancing as part of scientific projects – 50 000.00 lv.;  
  • Own investments – 236 000.00 lv.
  • Donations – 2 000.00 lv.   

In October 2008 was signed a contract between SHATO and „Gamma-Consult Kalinkin Prokopov” for Development and integration of software products and maintenance of Hospital information systems”. The project of developing and integrating the HIS was finalized in March 2010 and the investment was about 237 792.00 lv.
Currently we have invested in 151 personal computer stations located at different sectors of the hospital. According to the sector function, they have various software products installed:

  • “ТЕЛК плюс” (Work Capabilities Commission)
  • Work salary program (Accountants)
  • Archimedes (Human resources)
  • Gamma Store (Pharmacy)
  • Gamma Count (Accountants)
  • Gamma Calc (Счетоводство)
  • Gamma Concurrent (Marketing Department)
  • Onco 2005 (National Cancer Registry)
  • Gamma Code Master (Department of Informatics)
  • Gamma Code Master (Admission and consultancy sector, Registry desk, Clinical Department)
  • Gamma Multilab (Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Department) etc.

All of the “Gamma” software products have common database and are connected into one Hospital information system. Recently were installed the Gamma Diet and the Gamma Intranet.